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Human Power Planet Earth is here to help our community to use their Human Power where they can. With decades of experience under our belts, we’ve honed our craft into a science. We love the feel of outdoor activities and want to make sure you do too! Some examples of services our shop offers include:

Bike Repairs:  We’re happy to work on your bike!  Road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, downhill bikes, fat bikes, recumbent bikes, trikes, ice cream carts, all of em!  Bring em by and let us have a look!

Nordic Services: In the winter months we’re happy to help you get out using your Human Power! We hand sharpen Nordic skates.  

Rental  Bikes: We have a full line of fat bikes for use on the Adirondack Rail Trail, Bog Trail, and local Mountain Bike trails. We can even set you up for Adventure Touring. 

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