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Skating Services

We love gliding around on frozen lakes, indoor rinks and racing around the Olympic Oval. Come to us for your bladed winter needs.

Nordic Blades

Hand Sharpening $30.00 We use professional sharpening stones and forms to put the perfect edge on your blades.  It may be more for damaged or extremely dull blades.

Binding Mounting $30.00 Nordic Blades/Skates use cross country ski bindings to attach your boot to the top of the blade.  We’re happy to mount them for you.


Speed Skates

Hand Sharpening $30.00 John spent years owning a speed skate shop and skating competitively.  He’s sharpened blades for athletes at the highest level.




Nordic Skis

Mounting Bindings $30.00Nordic and Back-Country skis only.  We cannot mount Alpine skis and cannot adjust DIN settings.


Glide Waxing $30.00 (Add Kick Wax for $5.00 more) Warm or Cold basic iron-in hot waxing.  Thirsty skis will thank you.


Roller Skis

Mounting Bindings $30.00 Just like Nordic skis, but with more wheels.


Bearing and/Wheel Replacement $20.00  Does not include parts.


Poles New Tips/Baskets/Grips $15.00 plus tips/baskets. Bent or broken tips and baskets make an awesome sport less fun.

Ski Services

Beautiful Adirondack snow awaits!  Let’s make sure your ol’ planks are ready for some kick and glide.

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