Bike Repair

At Human Power Planet Earth we take pride in attention to detail. We tune, adjust, and test ride each bike, not just for the owner, but as if it were our own. And remember, these are by no means the only options available. Quite often your bicycle only needs adjustment or repair in one or a few places. Please bring your bike by with any questions and we can give you a free estimate.

Basic Tune-Up
The Basic Tune Up is a great way to start your riding season by assuring your bicycle is completely adjusted and in tip top shape.

  • Basic Clean
  • Safety Check
  • Adjust Gears
  • Adjust Brakes
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust Bearings
  • Lube Chain
  • Inflate Tires
$45.00 plus parts


Complete Tune-Up
The Complete Tune Up is for a bike that has been ridden a lot and just hasn’t had a chance to be tuned, sometimes for several years.

  • Safety Check.
  • Full Component Cleaning.
  • Precision Wheel Truing.
  • Fine Tune Derailleur and Shifting Adjustment.
  • Fine Tune Brake Adjustment.
  • Fine Tune Wheel Adjustment.
  • Fine Tune Headset Adjustment.
  • Fine Tune Hub Adjustment.
  • Fine Tune Bottom Bracket Adjustment.
  • Inflate Tires.
  • Clean & Polish Frame.
  • Parts replaced as necessary.
$80.00 plus parts


“Barn Rescue” Tune Up
The Complete “Barn Rescue” Tune Up is for those who want to get back on their trusty steed. You know the story. It has been in the barn…or in the cellar…or outside under the eves for years. We want you to ride it again! But there is usually corrosion to deal with, even on alloy parts. We wire brush and grease rusty bolts, take the corrosion off the rims, clean and polish pivot points. Basically we clean, lube, polish everything, and replace what is necessary to make your bicycle rideable again. It is worth it…for you…and the Planet.

  • Same as Complete Tune plus…
  • Rust removed from steel parts (Handlebars, Stem, Seat Post, Derailleur Cages, Pulley Wheel Bushings, Rims, Bolts, etc.)
  • Corrosion removed from alloy parts (Same as above depending on bike model).
  • Parts replaced as neccessary.
$100.00 plus parts


Complete Overhaul
  • Bicycle completely dis-assembled.
  • All components removed and cleaned.
  • Clean, lube, and adjust Headset, Bottom Bracket, Hubs, Brakes, Drive Train, Derailleurs and Shifting.
  • Precision Wheel Truing.
  • Inflate Tires.
  • Clean and Polish Frame.
  • Safety Check.
  • Replace parts as neccessary.
$180.00 plus parts


Suspension Rebuild
Call for Pricing


Disc Brake Overhaul
Call for Pricing