Open Monday through Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturdays from 10AM-5PM. Sunday we are closed.

Sales Department: 77 Main St. Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Service Department: 52 Dorsey St. Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Give us a call at 518-354-8497

Bike Rentals

Feeling the need to get out on the town or trails, but don’t have anything to ride? Not a problem! Choose from our selection of KHS Alite bicycles, now available to rent!

Rates: $50/day high-end demos

               $20/day basic rentals

Bike repair

Does your bicycle need some love? Our team of qualified mechanics is ready to help! From basic tuneups and safety checks, to hydraulic brake bleeds and suspension rebuilds, we’ve got you covered!

bike sales

Need a new ride? We carry Kona, KHS, Transition, iZip, and Surly bicycles. We have Fat Bikes, Mountian Bikes, Hybrids, Commuter, E-Bikes, and Kids Bikes on the floor or available to order. We also have restored Vintage (read: Charming), Reconditioned, and Consignment bikes for sale. Come check our growing fleet of bicycles. We have something for everyone!

a little about..


As our mission statement says, we advocate helping people save money, stay healthy, and live on a more sustainable planet through the use of human powered tools. Not only are bicycles the most efficient human-powered transportation, once they are manufactured, they have no carbon emissions, they require very little in the way of oil based lubrication, tubes, tires, and parts. As compared to motor driven transportation, and with the proper maintenance, they can last for decades. 

Human Power Planet Earth is more than a bicycle repair shop. What we refer to as Human Power is our philosophy of living. A way of life. We think this world we live on would be better if we did not over consume, if we create as little waste as possible, if we stay healthy by being active, if we make the lives of all people on this planet… All of humanity… Better through education, through stewardship of our natural resources, and through finding the common ground that can unite the 99% of the population that could be the most powerful force for the well being of this planet.

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Human Power Planet Earth – Our Philosophy

Human Power Planet Earth – Our Philosophy

Hi. My name is John Dimon and I am pleased to announce that Human Power Planet Earth is now in...