Emergency Repair Class


You asked us, and we heard you!   We’re excited to announce winter repair classes.  We’ll be teaching interested parties how to perform trail/road side repairs to get you off the shoulder or out of the woods safely.  

We’ll be focusing on the following:

  • Fixing a flat
  • Patching a tube
  • Straightening bars
  • Breaking a chain
  • Seat adjustment
  • Fixing chain-suck
  • Checking bearings
  • And answering questions about what YOU want to learn!


Don’t have a tool kit?  PERFECT!  We’ve spent time putting together a great kit WITH a seat pack of the tools you’ll need to get this whole class done.  You’ll be using your very own tool set to work on your own bike!  That means when the time comes, it will be “Been there, done that.” instead of “Better call for a ride.”  

The kit includes:

  • Crank Bros. M17 multitool
  • Park tire levers
  • Jandd Seat pack (Color choices!)
  • Lezyne patch kit
  • White Lightning Epic Ride chain lube
  • Park Tool mini pump
  • Kenda tube for your bike


Have SOME of the tools, but not all?  Awesome, we’ll delete the duplicates off of your kit, but remember to bring your personal replacements to the class!   

We’re expecting the class to take somewhere between 2 and 3 hours.  It all depends on how everyone learns, what kind of questions we get to answer and how many people there are.  

Due to there only being two teachers (John Dimon: Owner and Mike Campbell: Service Manager), and space constraints, the classes will be limited to SIX participants per date.  SO RESERVE YOUR SPACES!  If there’s call for more frequent classes, we’ll schedule more.  A minimum of two students is required to run the class.   Refunds will not be offered for those that cannot attend, however, you still get your kit, and a voucher for our next class opening.

Next class:  TBD

Cost: $150.00  (Includes your new tool kit!)

Payment Due one FULL week before the class.

Contact us at 518-354-8497 to check for availability and make your reservations!