Human Power Planet Earth is here to help our community to use their human power where they can. With decades of experience under our belts, we’ve honed our craft into a science. Some examples of services our shop offers include:

Bike Repairs:  We’re happy to work on your bike!  Road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, downhill bikes, fat bikes, recumbent bikes, trikes, ice cream carts, all of em!  Bring em by and let us have a look!

Bike Repair Classes:   Offering a course to suit basic needs of our customers.  Starting with Emergency Repair, and coming soon, Home Repair and Maintenance.

Pro Bike Fittings: Come by to get professionally fitted to a bike by one of our highly experienced associates. With many years of experience (and a measuring tape, of course), we can make sure that your bike is the perfect fit for your body.

Skate Services: In the winter months. you can count on us for all of your skate sharpening needs. Nordic skates, hockey skates, speed skates, we do them all!

Cross Country Ski Services: Are your XC skis not feeling quite as fast as they used to? Edges looking a little dull and rusty? Bring them by and we’ll take good care of them. We offer a full suite of ski services. From base prep and waxing, to honing in edges, your skis will be feeling as good as new.