Human Power Planet Earth – Our Philosophy

Hi. My name is John Dimon and I am pleased to announce that Human Power Planet Earth is now in our third year of business. As our mission statement says, we advocate helping people save money, stay healthy, and live on a more sustainable Planet through the use of Human Powered Tools. For 2013 we are starting with bicycle repair.

Not only are bicycles the most efficient human powered transportation, once they are manufactured, they have no carbon emissions, they require very little in the way of oil based lubrication, tubes, tires, and parts as compared to motor driven transportation, and with the proper maintenance, they can last for decades.

We hope that by keeping those bicycles you have running efficiently you can continue…or reconnect with the freedom that cycling offers.

But Human Power Planet Earth is more than a bicycle repair shop. What we refer to as Human Power is our philosophy of living. A way of life. We think this world we live on would be better if we did not over consume, if we create as little waste as possible, if we stay healthy by being active, if we make the lives of all people on this planet…all of humanity…better through education, through stewardship of our natural resources, and through finding the common ground that can unite the 99% of the population that could be the most powerful force for the well being of this planet.

In future posts, I hope to provide tips on riding efficiently and safely for fitness and for commuting, suggestions for reusing or recycling bicycle parts and other things that are usually thrown away, and other ways to

make for a more sustainable life on this planet.

Human Power. We hope it will be good for you, good for the community, and good for the Planet!