Our Staff

John Dimon

Owner and Operator John Dimon is a lifetime cyclist, skier and all-around humanitarian. John grew up in Cortland, NY.  He was known to strap skis to his bike and pedal to the North side of the pastures near where he grew up ‘back in the day’ so that he could still ski on the snow that hid in the shadows.  He now straps skis to his bike and rides up to the Whiteface Toll Road in October so that he can ski up from the snow line.  He’s the life-blood of Human Power and represents what the brand is truly out to achieve.  He cycles for both exercise and to complete the day’s chores.  If you see him around town in Saranac Lake, say hi!  He loves to talk to locals and new faces alike!


Road: 2017 KHS Flight 280

Mountain: 1994 Trek 900

Fat: 2015 Surly Pugsly



Mike Campbell

Service Manager Mike Campbell grew up in Lake Clear and attended Saranac Lake School District.  He studied English locally at NCCC and Plattsburgh State.  He worked for Bike Zone, running a bike rental fleet and shop on Martha’s Vineyard for a year before moving back to the Adirondacks.  He spent five years at Whiteface Mountain Bike Park as their head mechanic, before joining  Leepoff Cycles in Wilmington.  John approached him about a full-scale bike shop in Saranac Lake and a position as the mechanic.  Enthusiastically, he agreed and has been found in the service area at 52 Dorsey st. ever since.

His favorite type of riding is Downhill, but he loves riding his trail bike on Dewey Mountain and other BETA trails in the area.  On a rare occasion can be seen floundering about on his early nineties road bike.


Downhill– 2013 Yeti 303 WC (when it was still a World Cup bike…. YETI!)

DJ– 2006 Azonic Steelhead

Road– 1994 Concorde

Trail– 2014 Yeti SB66






Garrett Johnston

Not much is known about Garrett.  It’s said that he has a very expensive first name.  Stories are told of his time in the circus when he traveled with the animals, kept in a cage.  His overall appearance is known only as not oisqe.  He once invented the drawstring for pants before the patent was stolen from him in a historically unfair hand of cribbage.  Eleven of his children have held office in 14 different countries.  When he was born, his left foot was another hand, the doctor cried when he saw it, for it looked exactly like the hand of his late father. Later, it developed into a foot, although, we’re not sure if it’s the delivering doctor’s father’s or not.  On a rare occasion he’s known to throw fits of fancy and spend whole days swimming in children’s pools full of glitter.  He’s 5 feet and 25cm tall.  His middle name was developed alongside the Manhattan project and is still a tightly held government secret to this day. Technically, since he lacks the clearance, he’s never been told what it is. His hair style is the concern of several people and he wears 2 left shoes, but neither on his feet.